Operation&Maintenance オペレーション&メンテナンス

What is the most important aspect
for the stable operation of a PV plant?

High quality operation&maintenance of
ECO LIFE ENGINEERING realizes stable profits
  • Establishment of a nationwide maintenance network
  • Remote power station monitoring by specialized staff
  • Accident prevention by periodic inspections
  • Rapid on-site response during emergencies
A know-how from Germany operation results more than 200MW

ECO LIFE ENGINEERING provides global level of operation and a know-how learnt from German company that have an achievement of over 200MV. Plus a unique know-how, we provide worry-free services to our customers.


ECO LIFE ENGINEERING provides accurate and safe operation and rapid maintenance support based on the wealth of monitoring data accumulated from years of experience.

Accurate operation

Simple periodic inspections only check the general status and do not address potential problems that may arise prior to the next inspection.

No prevention of deterioration of power generation efficiency

No prevention of problems

when a problem occurs,

with detailed monitoring,

⇒ reduce unnecessary emergency visits

⇒ respond accurately using our accumulated information and ability to predict problems

Staff are dispatched to sites quickly and reliably when necessary
Rapid emergency visits to sites

Arrival within 3 hours / 6 hours / 12 hours to the site. Support plans according to customer needs and site locations are provided.

*If it’s impossible to arrive on the same day during daylight hours, we will visit on the following day.
Total maintenance

Since we are a designated maintenance provider for an inverter manufacturer, we offer complete support that includes maintenance on the DC side.

Close communication

Stable operation

Stable profits

  • Monitoring room work
  • Reporting based on accumulated data
  • Advice for stable operation

  • Trouble alert Data monitoring
  • Current, voltage, outside temperature, amount of solar radiation On-site images from remote cameras